I build *wonderful* products.

As an engineer, I have continued to be heavily UX-minded. I enjoy working closely with UX and design to create a really great experience for the user. My passions lie in natural interactions that engage users while coding towards a usable and consistent styling methodology.


Technical Abilities & Tools

  • CSS: SCSS, LessCSS
  • JavaScript: Angular 2, AngularJS, Node, jQuery, Coffeescript
  • Adobe Creative Suite, TextMate, Sublime, Axure


Engineering Accomplishments


  • Built geolocation data visualization web app us using Angular 2+, Typescript, Angular Seed, and Materialize SCSS
  • Built mapping platform using AngularJS and LessCSS
  • Set up and evangelized LessHat variable and mixin use
  • Provided new team members with support by reviewing pull requests and explaining the app architecture
  • Worked in a Java environment to design and develop a content management system used to promote video content in CoffeeScript, FreeMarker, and Sass/Compass
  • Built a JavaScript application using canvas to display and manage video ingest workflows
  • Defined and evangelized internal UI coding and user experience standards as a team


Design and UX Highlights

  • Defined and solved complex design problems to enhance the user experience of a VOD campaign management tool
  • Mentored other designers and developers to evangelize best practices in user experience
  • Worked hand-in-hand with product managers, project managers, and requirements engineers to build UI specs, user stories, and technical requirements documentation
  • As an engineer, worked with UX and Design team to perfect animations and interaction designs
  • Increased usability and conversion rates through email and landing page A/B testing using Google Website Optimizer
  • Established company credibility through sophisticated designs with a focus on usability